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Occasionally simple unbiassed guidance from an independent expert might be what's needed. I can offer advice - practical, creative, and budgetary - on all aspects of Visual Effects in Production and Post Production. Prediction of Accurate budget and Time required for the VFX in a project. Working with in the budget and producing appropriate Visual Effects from concept through to completion. Previsualization in 2d and 3d techiniques. Technical solutions to bring out the directorís creative vision. Communicating and project execution with various VFX studios to meet the requirement depending on the budget. Onset Supervision and guidance on all kind of VFX shots. Blue Screen and Elements Shooting Methodology. Hiring experts and specialised senior artists for more complex tasks to meet the quality. Coordinating the entire process and Crew and regular updation with screenings..

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#onset Supervision & Pipeline
#Rotoscoping &Keying
#wire removal & cleanup
#Tracking & Matchmove
#Digtial Grading


#Props & Backgrounds
# Modelling,Texture & shading
#Particle simulation

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